4,096 Adorable Robots

All 4,096 Adobots have been randomly generated with a set of various colors, items and traits. Each one is guaranteed to be unique, and some traits are more rare than others.

Each Adobot will have a generated PFP ready to use. You can also rotate and zoom the interactive NFT right in your browser to get that perfect angle screenshot.

The collection will also consist of a set of custom hand-painted Adobots with unique items and colors. You can see the example of one of them right here with the Panda Adobot.

Interactive NFT's

You can choose to own an Adobot just because it's cute, but each Adobot also comes with automated trading utility.

We also want to bring the Adobots to life so you can play with them, interact with other Adobots or just show them off in the Metaverse.

All our Adobots NFT's are launched with the option to fully view it in 3D. Rotate, zoom, spin and move it around. All in your browser!

Check our roadmap for more specifics on utility.



Investing in an Adobot NFT will help us achieve our roadmap goals faster.


Build the team

We have assembled our Team!


Minting contract

Develop and audit the solidity minting contracts.


Scalping strategy

Code and develop the scalping strategy that our Adobots will utilize for trading.


Beta testing

Test our infrastructure with automated testing to centralized exchange using our trading strategy.


Launch 4,096 NFT's Gen 1

Our first goal is to launch and mint 4,096 Adobots Generation 1 as an OpenSea collection. The Adobots will utilize a scalping strategy on the BTC/USDT pair .This will aid as our initial funding for future roadmap items.


Generation 2 Adobots

We will mint and sell our second generation Adobot NFT's collection that will house and deploy another trading strategy from the first generation.


Governance token

We will launch our governance token which will allow you to vote on future functionality within AEdge.


Social trading platform

We will launch our social trading platform with leverage options.

Meet The Team



Automated Trading Strategy
  • * Scalping Strategy
  • * Linked to a CEX
  • * Backtested and beta tested
Governance Token
  • * NFT holders whitelisted
  • * Voting rights on future functionality
  • * Integration into The Sandbox
  • *Possibly more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

November 9th 2022!
$400 for Whitelist and $550 for Public Sale.
Join our discord and be active. You will be noticed.
AEdge Capital, Inc. was orginally founded as a crypto trading group, but now has rebranded as a nft/crypto/trading business.
AEdge Adobots are Automated Trading NFTs, linked to the holder and to a CEX.
The AEdge Team consists of 4 doxxed team members. You can find names and Linkedin profiles in the whitepaper.
We have completed audit with Prisma Shield.