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We focus equally in both digital assets such as Bitcoin and Forex. If other assets like options or ETF’s are highly requested we will considering adding staff that is experienced in those niches.
No we do not, but due to demand and respecting transparency, we do offer a special “1 Week” period for $30. Go to our contact page and list “$30 Week” in the subject!
The live seminars will vary based on methods our analysts use as well as common community interest. Our new educational video series for members starts with basics like risk-management and works all the way up to more advanced theories like Wyckoff, Fibonacci, and Elliott Wave. But also includes everything in-between.
Occasionally we run promotions & contests in our public Discord, as well as our social medias. Keep in mind there are some free signals in the public Discord as well. However, usually a membership will pay for itself in a very short amount of time.
We do not provide any refunds. However, you will very likely earn back your initial investment within a short time-frame, making your risk very small. Our Performance Tracker provides you with an overview of what you can expect in ROI.