AEdge Capital LLC. originally started back in 2017 as a pure signals group that was relatively basic and without much organization, development, or staff. Originally what was largely a two man operation has now grown into a full staff, and a Discord community with over 300 paid subscribers.  We have grown a lot in 2 years, so we decided it was time for some change!

We changed our face and presence on social media, worked with a developer to integrate our signals into his proprietary software, and are working directly with multiple exchange developers to integrate this bot directly with them. We constantly improve it as well as add features, we hired more professional technical analysts, opened a portion of our community to the public, and are now much more than just a simple “signals” service. We have expanded our trading analysis beyond digital assets and now participate in trading Forex and commodities as well. We have designed an entire educational system to help make our members become smarter, more informed and more profitable traders. We are currently in the process of recording all new educational videos to better serve our members, will soon offer one-on-one lessons, live-trading sessions, and even educational seminars with a professional CFA.  The reason for this is to assist members in fundamentals in both technical and fundamental analysis and show them that real-world experience in other markets is valuable information that can be applied to any market to get better insight into your trading.

Why are we doing this? We want everyone to be the best trader they can be, and we want to help them achieve it. It’s truly rewarding and inspiring for us here at AEdge Capital to see our clients grow, and maybe even turn themselves into trusted Technical Analysts that are a valued member of our staff.

Join our group and become a valued member of our community with a voice.
Learn what our professionals & educators have to offer in the form of real world experience.
Gain the knowledge to trade better, and grow your portfolio larger than you thought possible.

No frills. No gimmicks. No get rich quick schemes or books with “proven techniques”.

Just trading, discussion, and education.

Learn how to one-up the market, and get an AEdge over the competition today.